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Fall Clean-Up Landscaping

Fall Clean-Up Landscaping

A thorough fall clean-up landscaping list includes pruning, protecting plants, applying pre-emergent herbicides & clearing drainage areas of debris to prepare your lawn for a solid & healthy blossoming time that will set your property up for success. 

Benefits of Fall Clean-Up Landscaping

Benefits Of Fall Clean-Up Landscaping

Many property owners match fall clean-up with blowing and collecting leaves. And indeed, that’s a significant part of the job. But there’s much more to it, like:

  • Applying fertilizer in the fall can help prevent weed and plant infestations.
  • Applying preventive measures will keep your plants safe during the cold weather.
  • Cleaning up debris and leaves allows the soil to receive the necessary nutrients.
  • Prevent your lawn, trees, and flowers from spreading harmful bacteria.
  • Keep and enhance the curb appeal of your property.

Why Hiring Us For A Pro Fall Garden Clean-Up

Why Hire Us For A Pro Autumn Garden Clean-Up, prevent trees and shrubs disasters.

We will always ensure your yard stays healthy, inspecting all the parts and elements of your green area.

Hiring prepare your property before winter to prevent tree and shrub disasters. We are taking and providing all the precautions for healthy and safer landscapes.

All the high-quality tools used by our professionals ensure outstanding landscaping service that will enhance the look of your yard.

You will save your valuable time, effort, and energy through the hard work of your tree-trimming professionals.

Keeping your landscape clean will reduce the mosquito’s presence from decomposing wet leaves.

And finally, the most significant benefit of hiring a fall clean-up company is not having to do it yourself.

Sit back and enjoy your relaxing family time.

Fall clean-up landscaping

  • Cut Back Tall Perennial Grasses
  • Prune With Care
  • Remove Leaves from Your Property
  • Leaf Removal in Drainage
  • Fertilizer Application
  • Preventing Weed Seed Germination
  • Dry Everything Out
  • Clear Out Flower Beds
  • Mulching Clipping in Flower Beds
  • Protect the Deck

What Includes Our Fall Clean-Up Landscaping Service?

A thorough fall clean-up includes pruning, protecting plants, and clearing drainage areas of debris. It also means applying pre-emergent herbicides to stop weed seed germination while temperatures are moderate.

Tree and Snow Removal Service LLC ensures you get the most out of your yard next year by following our fall clean-up checklist.

1. Cut Back Tall Perennial Grasses:

Cut Back Tall Perennial Grasses

These perennial grasses can make a mess on your property in windy conditions. Snow also adds extra weight to it, stressing them.

Consider cutting your grass before it is dormant. Your lawn will grow again in spring, increasing its height and volume.

In winter, your dwarf perennial grasses can be at risk, for their tops will freeze and die back.

We recommend mowing the lawn before the first frost, most likely between mid to end of October.

2. Prune With Care:

Prune your ornamentals to remove dead or dying twigs.

Do some selective hand pruning if necessary.

Unless you need to remove dead branches from your evergreens, don’t prune them because their wounds won’t heal, leaving the tree vulnerable during cold winters.

3. Remove Leaves from Your Property:

Remove Leaves From Your Property

Removing leaves will provide an aesthetic and a clean appearance to your landscape.

The leaves are a great source of phosphorus, and it is essential to reincorporate this into the soil when possible. You can try composting leaves, as this organic matter will benefit soil health.

Oak, magnolia, and pear trees hold their leaves during winter. So you shouldn’t worry about them.

4. Leaf Removal in Drainage:

We ensure that all drains on your property are debris-free.

Leaves can pile up, suffocate the turf, and clog the drainage.

We constantly monitor your drains to make sure they are free and clear.

5. Preventing Weed Seed Germination:

Preventing Weed Seed Germination, plant cover crops

Leaving weed seeds unchecked in the fall can result in weed sprouting in spring. For that reason, we ensure to apply a pre-emergent herbicide to stop further seed germination.

Another way to stop the germination is to cover your soil with sun-blocking organic or synthetic mulches.

Save this tip: Weeds don’t like nor want any competition, so they will wait until no other living plants are around before germinating. So, one option would be to plant cover crops.

6. Drain Everything Out:

Drain all water from hoses, drip irrigation systems, fountains, and other features.

7. Clear Out Flower Beds:

Clear Out Flower Beds

This step will keep the leafcutter ants at bay. Keep focusing on rose beds, as their foliage can foster disease over the winter.

8. Mulching Clipping in Flower Beds

Use mulch for young trees, shrubs, and flower beds to boost nutrients, control weeds, and keep roots warm.

9. Fertilizer Application:

Fertilizer Application

Prepare your lawn with nutrients to survive winter in a healthy condition. Apply fertilizer during fall and enjoy a lush, green lawn in spring.

10. Protect the Deck:

Prevent mold and mildew by giving the deck a good power wash, dry well, and add a weatherproofing stain to protect the wood from moisture damage over the winter.

Essential Last Thoughts for a Landscape Fall Clean-Up:


Eliminate all leaves, twigs, branches, and debris from lawn and planting beds.

Prune during fall for a neat winter look and prevent snow damage.

We hope you enjoyed these fall cleanup recommendations to get a green, healthy, and lush lawn next year.