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Making money is not the priority of Tree and Snow Removal Service LLC. Instead, we strive to provide diligent, affordable & exceptional commercial tree service in West Allis, WI. In the end, your satisfaction is all that matters. Call us or fill out our contact form to get a free quote!

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Tree Planting Services to Beautify Your Business!

For 15+ years, Tree and Snow Removal Service LLC has served as a commercial tree company in West Allis, WI.

Our Commercial Clients Include:

  • Manufacturing facilities & warehouses
  • Property managers
  • Office buildings
  • Shopping malls & retailers
  • Hotels & restaurants
  • Schools & government offices

One of the things we do is plant fast-growing privacy trees for businesses that want some natural barrier for their facilities. And also, we offer our tree care service, which includes applying the best evergreen fertilizers, watering, tree pruning, and controlling tree diseases for healthy growth.

Tree and Snow Removal Service LLC Is a Commercial Tree Company in West Allis, WI
Trusted Commercial Tree Pruning Service in West Allis, WI

Get Our Trusted Tree Pruning Service in West Allis, WI!

Trees are a vital part of commercial landscaping. So, we provide comprehensive commercial tree care, which includes tree pruning to promote healthy growth and tree trimming to shape your plants.

For overgrown trees, we perform crown thinning to reduce the chances of broken limbs and damage to the tree. After providing our tree pruning and tree trimming service, we ensure your facility is neat and debris-free.

Having green and vigorous trees will add natural appeal to your business. Also, a healthy tree tells your clients you care about all aspects of your company. So, they will like and trust your brand!

Emergency Tree Removal You Can Count On!

Wisconsin has abundant wildlife and vegetation. But sadly, it is hit by severe snow and electrical storms. And if your tree is struck by lightning, the fallen branches will damage your business and property.

As a seasoned tree company, Tree and Snow Removal Service LLC has the manpower to diligently attend to your tree removal emergencies in West Allis, WI. Also, we have the best tree-cutting tools to ensure minimal business downtime.

We neither solicit nor accept down payments or deposits. We only accept payment when the job is done, and the customer is satisfied.

Emergency Tree Removal in West Allis, WI
Get Trusted Stump Grinding Service near West Allis, WI

Get Trusted Stump Grinding Service near West Allis, WI!

Having a tree stump in your commercial property offers zero value. Instead, here, we will enlist the reasons for removal because tree stumps:

  • Ruin the appeal of your yard.
  • Are a tripping hazard.
  • Attract insects and pests.
  • Harbor disease and fungus.
  • Cause unsightly re-growth.
  • Make lawn mowing chores harder.
  • Consume yard space.
  • Can damage your property.

If you need stump removal near West Allis, WI, you only have to contact us to make the ugly, unsafe & unhealthy tree stump disappear from your property.

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Our mission is to deliver the best quality in every project that we are assigned to work on while offering cost-effectiveness for the community of West Allis, WI and its surrounding areas.


To create long-term client professional relationships by always providing high-quality standards and competitive prices.

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If you choose our company, you will get a crew that will work hard and smart to exceed your expectations. You will also get cost-effectiveness in your projects.

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